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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Most Popular Nail Designs Part 1

I wanted to collect some of my favorites and my fans favorites and share them.Which one is your favorite?

Starting with Dots.....

1-Dots & Overlapping Dots
2-Colorful Dots

3-Dots & More Dots

4-Dots in Dots

5-Waterfall with dots
6-Lines with dots
7-Half moon with more dots
8-French Rainbow Mani
9-Zig Zag Dots
10-Half moon Black & white with dots

  Layered Nails

11-Layered using Black and Matte

12-Layered with Half moon Dots

13-Layered applying 4 different shades of Pink

14-Layered Black & Green

Nail Weave

15-White & Blues Weave
16-Black,White & Yellow Weave

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