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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Broadway Polish Review & Swatches

So this is my first purchase of Broadway Nails high shine nail polish,and so far I really love them.They offer lots of beautiful colors,and the consistency is great almost jelly-like.Most of the colors apply evenly with 1-2 coats.These polishes cover better than some of the more expensive brands.(based on my opinion only) Plus you can't beat the price at only a buck.

Space Flight

 Dark Night
Pretty Duckling
Sour Apple
O! Jessica
Black Out
Sand in Heaven
Hot & Sexy
Mystery Pumpkin..a little more Orange in person
Paradise Water(BLUE) & Seduction Night(PURPLE) glitter.
Queen of Evening
Ascending Celine

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Awesome Nail polish Giveaways

Here's another list of some GREAT NAIL POLISH GIVEAWAYS 

  1. Dove Chocolate-Win Dark Chocolate and a Nicole by OPI Prize package.Ends 2/5
  2. Nail Pro-Cover Contest-Deadline for entries 1/17(CLOSED)
  3. Nails Mag-Pedi-sox Giveaway-Ends 1/31
  4. Nails Mag-Win a disposable file system-Ends 1/31
  5. Nails Mag-Win Gorgeous Glitter Gels-Ends 1/31
  6. Cherry Colors-Ends 2/6
  7. All the Little Shiny Things-Enter to win a 12-piece E.L.F. polish.Ends in 15 days(CLOSED)

Monday, October 28, 2013

ELF Polish Reviews & Swatches

So this is my first time trying ELF polish,and definitely not my last.These polishes are fairly inexpensive,and all these polishes covered in two coats,although they will cover with one coat if applied evenly.Here's four of my recent purchase's
an awesome shade that covers nicely with two coats.Although when I think of "Nude" I think of a sheer color,however this isn't sheer.
 METALLIC ELEGANCE which I love!It's a pearly white with a little shimmer.
The only downside for me is the top.I think the square top for me is a little awkward for me to use when applying.Every time I dipped my brush in the bottle I had to wipe off the excess polish the opposite way that I normally do,and if I didn't do that I had to turn the top before applying.Other than that I was completely satisfied!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Creative Nail Design Using Nail stickers

Here's a cool idea for your nail stickers if you don't want to apply the whole sticker.
Cut them into stripes the size of stripping tape and apply.Then apply a top clear coat.
Cool idea right!!
How cute is this

Here's another style of stickers I applied
Just cut them into thin slices.
and here's another design using Black & White checkers

Revlon-Drop Dead Gorgeous
Just cut them into whatever size you want & stick!