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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Born Pretty Water Transfer Nail Stickers Review

Born Pretty Store recently sent me two styles of "Water Transfer" nail stickers for product review.I can honestly say I've never tried the "water transfer" stickers before,plus these decals Do Not leave a ridge unlike the stick-on decals.
So if you've never visited Born Pretty Store you should.They have a wide array of some unique products from nail art,beauty,makeup to outdoor/gardening products,and they're super affordable.
Plus if you have a Nail,Fashion or Makeup blog you can sign up to receive $10-$50 of free products to test out and review.Awesome right!

So lets get right down to the nitty gritty.

Decals are super easy to apply 

  • Clean & polish your nails allowing nails to dry completely.
  • Cut out your desired decal and plunge into a cup of water for about 20 seconds.
  • Dip your finger into water to moisten the nail,and keep dipping in water if needed for easier application and to adjust decal if needed.
  • Using tweezers gently apply decal to moistened nail
  • Using a cuticle stick or your finger(whichever is easier) to remove air bubbles and to flatten your decal.
  • Gently wipe off excess water,and apply top coat.
I decided to do a classic Black & White nail plus I knew black & white would look great with these decals.
I absolutely love this one.
Base coat is wet n wild-Break The Ice
Choose from a wide variety of  other Water Decals
Head over to Born Pretty for "free Shipping" & 10% off using the code below

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nail Tek Nail Intensive Therapy and Foundation

Recently I came across Nail Tek products on amazon so I figured I would give it a try to see if they really do strengthen and lengthen your nails.This product claims to help weak,thin,soft or peeling nails.
This kit comes with "Foundation II and Intensive Therapy"
Foundation is the product you apply first which is supposed to fill ridges and other nail damage while protecting your nails with nail strengtheners,conditioners,micro fibers and natural fillers.The foundation soaks into the nail leaving your nails almost a milky white with virtually no dry time.I apply this to the top of the nail and under my nail tip.
Nails before applying the Foundation
After applying Foundation
Then you apply your Intensive therapy which helps with thin,soft or peeling nails and promotes strength and flexibility.Apply Intensive therapy either after you apply your color or directly over your foundation.
After applying Intensive Therapy leaving a nice shine
So far so good I've definitely noticed my nails appear stronger/healthier and do not bend at all.Plus I've noticed a growth increase.Think it's time for a slight trim.
The only gripe I have about this product is that when I applied it over my painted nails it did seem to smear any nail art I painted on.So apply Intensive Therapy extremely lightly.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It Takes Two Mani

I call this Mani "It Takes Two" because it took two days to complete this Mani due to drying time,and if your as impatient as I am you would apply your french Mani tape before your base coat thoroughly dried,therefore pulling your base polish off along with your tape.So I decided to let my base coat dry thoroughly then I applied my guides.

I started with my base from wetnwild-Private Viewing- which is a neutral/sheer shade if applied in one coat,however I did two.
Then I waited a least three hours for the base to dry before applying my "French Nail Tip Guides"Try not to stick them on too hard,however enough so your polish doesn't bleed under the tip guide.
Then I applied one coat of wetnwild-Limelight which is an awesome shade of light almost neon green.If your wondering why the colors differ it's because I took the pic at different times of the day so my lighting changed.The above picture is exactly what the base color should look like.

Then I applied a touch of L.A.Colors-Glitter Bomb
Then apply your chevron stickers so they cover your nail,making sure they are evenly centered before patting down.I apply them this way so they are evenly spaced.
 Then carefully remove every other one.Then using the end of a cuticle pusher,push the ends down and towards your cuticles so your polish doesn't bleed under the stickers.Then apply your top coat over the chevron stickers.I chose black.Then carefully remove your stickers using tweezers.
Viola...This is my "It Takes Two Mani"

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Most Popular Nail Designs Part 1

I wanted to collect some of my favorites and my fans favorites and share them.Which one is your favorite?

Starting with Dots.....

1-Dots & Overlapping Dots
2-Colorful Dots

3-Dots & More Dots

4-Dots in Dots

5-Waterfall with dots
6-Lines with dots
7-Half moon with more dots
8-French Rainbow Mani
9-Zig Zag Dots
10-Half moon Black & white with dots

  Layered Nails

11-Layered using Black and Matte

12-Layered with Half moon Dots

13-Layered applying 4 different shades of Pink

14-Layered Black & Green

Nail Weave

15-White & Blues Weave
16-Black,White & Yellow Weave

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dot Crazy

Dots happen to be one of  my favorite Mani's because they are simply the easiest Mani to create with little effort.Although I do have dotting tools I don't use them all the time when I create dots.You can use any item that has a point or a round end.
Basically with this Mani I went a little crazy with my dots creating different sized & colored dots.Just allow dry time before applying a top coat to prevent smearing.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Colorful Spring Time Dotted Mani

  1.  Start by polishing your nails two shades.I chose Broadway-Mr Right Now and Fergie-Fergie Colada
  2.  Then using your yellow shade place four dots down the middle or fewer depending on your nail length.
  3.  Then place the opposite color inside of those dots.
  4. Then repeat with other color inside the same dots.Then using a pin I applied dots down the sides.Viola you created a gorgeous spring time dotted mani.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yellow & Black Dotted Dry Water Marble Mani

For this Mani I just couldn't make up my mind on what to do.So I did a little dry water marble on two nails and dots on the other two.Hope you like it 
Fergie-Ferga Colada-I love this yellow,however it took around three coats to cover.
wnw-Black Creme