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Thursday, June 26, 2014

It Takes Two Mani

I call this Mani "It Takes Two" because it took two days to complete this Mani due to drying time,and if your as impatient as I am you would apply your french Mani tape before your base coat thoroughly dried,therefore pulling your base polish off along with your tape.So I decided to let my base coat dry thoroughly then I applied my guides.

I started with my base from wetnwild-Private Viewing- which is a neutral/sheer shade if applied in one coat,however I did two.
Then I waited a least three hours for the base to dry before applying my "French Nail Tip Guides"Try not to stick them on too hard,however enough so your polish doesn't bleed under the tip guide.
Then I applied one coat of wetnwild-Limelight which is an awesome shade of light almost neon green.If your wondering why the colors differ it's because I took the pic at different times of the day so my lighting changed.The above picture is exactly what the base color should look like.

Then I applied a touch of L.A.Colors-Glitter Bomb
Then apply your chevron stickers so they cover your nail,making sure they are evenly centered before patting down.I apply them this way so they are evenly spaced.
 Then carefully remove every other one.Then using the end of a cuticle pusher,push the ends down and towards your cuticles so your polish doesn't bleed under the stickers.Then apply your top coat over the chevron stickers.I chose black.Then carefully remove your stickers using tweezers.
Viola...This is my "It Takes Two Mani"

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