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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sign Up Free With PS2(Points 2 Shop),Earn Points & Get Rewarded

Recently I signed up on this website called Points 2 Shop.Points 2 shop is a website where you complete surveys and/or watch videos or complete other tasks and earn points to get rewarded with prizes/gifts.(However there may be some surveys/tasks you may not qualify for)but just keep trying for new ones you may qualify for.

So this is how it works:

Advertisers place their links on the points2shop website. Then members like myself go and complete the offers that we are interested in.Whether it be a survey or to watch a video. When I complete an offer, points2shop gets paid for bringing me to that advertisers website. When points2shop gets paid, they give me a portion of that payment so that I can then get things for Free..Yes FREE!!  from
Here's just a few beauty items you can get depending on how many points you have.Of course some items require more points and maybe shipping costs.Just look for free shipping items.Not too sure if all items are shipped free,however the two items I ordered were completely free with no shipping.How I found that out is I clicked on the item I liked,then click add to goals and it will tell you if it's free shipping and if it is just add to cart and that's it.Then wait to see if it's approved.
Plus if you would rather not apply your points towards items you can also exchange your points for gift cards for Best Buy,Amazon,Target,Paypal or just get a check.

After I  signed up I was so happy about having enough points already to order a couple of things.I ordered a 300 piece studs for my nails for only 74 points and MASH Rhinestones 2400 piece nail art wheel with free shipping,no taxes....Nothing!!! I will definitely post pic's of my items when I receive them to make you a believer in P2S.

Here's a quick video to help you understand how P2S works

So what are you waiting for ...Go and Sign Up & get rewarded