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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Layered Black & Green Design

Black and Green happen to be 2 of my favorite colors.So here is a layered look I came up with.
  1. I chose 3 colors.Black as my base on my index finger,and I started with a green base on my middle finger.(wnw-Black Creme)which I love.Plus it covers in mostly one coat with a great shine,and for my green (Broadway-Sour Apple) and white(French White Creme)
  2. I'll skip 2 it's pretty self explanatory
  3. Then apply your green leaving a space between your cuticle and the sides of your nails,exposing the black.Kinda of like your creating a half moon.
  4. Then apply your black over the green and keep interchanging & overlapping colors.

 Viola Black & Green Layered Nails

Monday, January 27, 2014

Black & White Stripped Nails

Here's an easy Black & White nail design
You'll need black & white polish of course.I used Wetnwild-Black Creme/French White Creme and L.A.Colors Art Deco nail art lacquer in white and black.
  1. Start with a black base
  2. Then apply scotch tape.Polish with your white polish.
  3. Viola a perfect line dividing the two.
  4. Then with a white stripper make a line above white.
  5. Then place your vertical lines.I placed 4.Depending on your nail size you may use less or more.
  6. Then your horizontal.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Black White and Sometimes Red Themed Nails

Black happens to be my go to color of all time,however you can't do much with just one color.So I added white and a little red for these mani's.Here's some of my newer mani's and older favorites

 Hope you liked them♥

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Black Green & White plaid nails

Plaid nails are simple and easy to create using any three colors.The base color and two stripping colors.
Black-wetnwild-black creme
Green-Sally Hansen-In A Splash
White-Kleancolor-Metallic White

Monday, January 20, 2014

Dot 2 Dot

  1. Apply a black base coat
  2. Place 3 dots down the center
  3. Then place 2 dots on the left & right sides of the center dots
  4. Then place smaller dots in between forming an oblong triangle shape.For the smaller dots use the tip of a pin or a toothpick.

 Viola♥ Dot 2 Dot

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Free Items Received From Points 2 Shop(P2S)

If you haven't already go and check out Points 2 Shop (PS2).As promised I'm posting pictures of the products I received for "FREE"plus FREE shipping.

Basically PS2 is a site you earn points and/or cash for completing surveys or tasks.Granted there will be some surveys you don't qualify for,but there are plenty you can qualify for.Sign up and receive 250 points automatically.
French Nail Tip Guides-97 points
I received 4 packs
MASH Rhinestones 2400 piece 12 color nail art manicure wheel-119 Points
 Nail Art 300 Pieces Gold & Silver 3mm square metal studs-74 points
TOTAL-290 points.
Basically I searched for items that included Free Shipping and required low points.
For more info check out PS2 and sign up!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Funky Fingers Polish Giveaway

So I figured it's about that time for another giveaway since I haven't had one in a while.
So here it is:
Funky Fingers
1st place will have their choice of polish first.2nd will receive the other.
Sand & Stilettos/Hip City Jack


-18+ unless you receive parents permission if younger.
-U.S.only ( Sorry to my International followers)
-You will have 48 hours after receiving your winning email to respond with your address.If not a new winner will be selected. SORRY!!!
Starts 1/11/14

a Rafflecopter giveaway