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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stained Glass Nails

This is my first attempt creating the stained glass look on my nails,and I thought I did pretty well.You definitely need a steady hand which in fact I do not have,and patience which I don't have much of that either.

  1. First start with your choice of colors and you'll need a dotting tool.I chose my largest one.
  2. Choose a base coat or a clear coat will work.It'll be covered anyways.
  3. Then create random dots or shapes.Some dots I made bigger than others,and try to put your colors fairly close to each other.
  4. Continue with each color.
  5. Cover most of your nail with different dots and shapes.Let it dry completely before starting your outlines with black.
  6. Then using a nail art brush,draw lines around your colors to separate.What I found worked great is the brush from Art Deco.Just clean it off with some polish remover and dip into your black polish.I happen to not have a art deco in black so I used the brush from the green.This brush is perfect for going around colors and creating thinner lines.
  7. Viola♥Stained glass nails

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