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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Newspaper Nails

Newspaper nails is a super easy way to create art on your nails.First cut out the part you'd like from the paper.Then you can either use mouthwash or rubbing alcohol to soak each finger for about 10-15 sec.Then place the paper down on your nail pressing hard trying not to move it for about 20 sec or longer,otherwise the print will smear.Peel off gently and gently apply a clear. Viola♥Newspaper Print Nails♥


  1. Woah I never thought about using mouth wash.. that is so smart! I did try deodorant though haha ;') I like how you didn't do the standard news paper nails but tried a different part of the paper!!

  2. I never heard about using deodorant??How would you use deodorant??

  3. Thanks... and I thought it was my worst ever lol ;-]