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Monday, March 10, 2014

Layered Purple & Black

  1. Start with you base.I chose Sinful Colors-Fig-I placed a piece of scotch tape about 1/4 in. up my nail tip only because I didn't want to go to the tip of my nail with the polish.You can however go right to the tip.If you do allow for drying time in between coats,otherwise it will pull at the color underneath and pull it towards the front of the tip leaving a hump.Hope you understand what I just said.Sometimes I confuse myself! 
  2. Then apply black or whatever color you choose as your second color.
  3. Then switch to other color-Fig
  4. Then black
  5. Then fig
  6. black
  7. Then using a small nail art brush I brushed on the last color.

Then slowly pull your tape downwards.You can allow the coats to dry a tad in between,however if you wait too long the tape will leave a harsh edge and possibly pull your polish off.

Viola Layered Nail Polish Art

Then I just couldn't leave it alone so I added dots with the tip of a pin.

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