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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Easy Nail art using Water colors

I know this technique has been done before by others,however this is my first time using water colors on my nails,and I think it came out pretty cute
  • First I started with the basic white nail
  • Then I purchased a water color palette.You can find these right in the craft section,or even in the Dollar Tree.
  • You'll have to place a few drops of water onto the colors you choose.The colors will be darker if you let the water dry up a little.I chose Black,Purple & Brown
  • Then using a cue tip or a small nail brush place small dabs of paint in any random place.I found it easier to use a cue tip due to the fact it will hold the paint better.
  • Repeat on every nail.
  • Let it dry completely and apply a clear top coat.Viola♥Water color Nails

So what do you think?

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