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Monday, March 4, 2013

Peacock Nails

So this is my first attempt at Peacock Nails so please no laughing!This is one nail design that I'm definitely not good at.
In this pic NYC Skyline Blue
I love this shade from Wet n Wild "Caribbean Frost"Oh and I did cheat just a little.I have a feather nail stamper that I used.
I'm not sure,but I believe I need a new camera because most of my pics either come out too dark or too light and/or blurry.It's like I snapped them in a cave or my closet.If anybody could let me know what type of camera they use or what settings are the best please comment.Thanks ;-] and by the way I use a Kodak AF 14 mega pixels.
Here's a different version I tried and failed miserably 
I also added a little bit of green because I thought it was just too plain.
and this one I liked the best

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