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Monday, March 11, 2013

Fetish Swatches

So here's a polish I've never heard of "Fetish"run for cover,and of course I threw out the package to this polish before I could get the name of the shade.I love this shade,it has a bit of a golden shimmer and a little bit of a greenish tint to it.The best part is I found these at the dollar store.Who Knew?

Again I don't have the shade for this one either,however it's kinda like a deep,dark brown with specks of golden glitter.Great shine,and didn't have to apply a clear coat.One coat covered kind of weird,and not sure if I would like it,however after applying 2 coats the shade is awesome.Love it!


  1. if you look at the bottom of the bottles the names are printed on fetish polishes, it's hard to see (esp on the darker shade) but it's like blue ink on the bottom.

    1. I never thought of looking on the bottom of the bottle,but I did and no color.Idk ;-]