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Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to Make Your Own Magnetic Polish

  1. Purchase one of those fuzzy face magnetic toys.You can purchase them for a buck at the dollar store.
  2. Then the fun part is trying to open it.Let me tell you these things are definitely child proof.I needed a hammer and a screwdriver to open this sucker.Although I'm pretty sure they're not meant to be opened.Anyways try not to just bust it open or you'll have magnetic shavings everywhere.(adult supervision required with the use of the hammer and screwdriver.)
  3. Then pour into a small medicine cup or something you can just toss out.You won't want to reuse it again.
  4. Pour about 1 tbsp. of  polish into a small plastic bowl one you can toss also.
  5. Then add about a dime sized amount of the magnetic shavings.If the polish is too dry you added too much shavings.If so add more polish.You'll want it to be the consistency of a polish or a little bit thicker,however thin enough to brush on.(use a brush you won't use again)
  6. Then take the magnet the toy came or one you may have in your garage.Then gently move the magnet around the nail without actually touching the nail,until you get the desired affect.These shavings are very tiny if you get bigger magnetic shavings the effect is much better.You can purchase bigger magnetic shavings from a school supply store.Overall it worked pretty well.

The top picture shown I applied white polish with the shavings,and the bottom picture I used a sheer,shimmery polish.I preferred the look with the sheer polish.Viola♥your nails are magnetic.

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