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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Splatter Paint

Splatter paint is fun,however it can be very messy.This is my first time trying splatter paint.
  1. First choose your colors.I chose 7 bright colors.
  2. Then choose a light base such as white.
  3. Then put a couple drops of polish into a paint tray.I did one color at a time till I got the nack of it.
  4. Then pour a drop or two of polish remover into polish,and stir until the right consistency.You'll want it to be runny and not thick,but still have some color to it.
  5. Then take a small brush and dip into the polish and splatter onto the nails.I would suggest taping around your nails,otherwise it will be all over your cuticles like mine was.
  6. For easy cleanup around your nails use your nail polish remover pen.Then apply a clear coat.Viola ♥

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