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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Removing Your Polish the Easy Way

Removing glitter from your nails can be virtually impossible at times.Sometimes you need the use of a sand blaster to remove glitter.Here's a simple,however quite effective way!

  1. Take some cotton balls.
  2. Take one cotton ball and rip it into tiny thin pieces
  3. Then pour remover into your cap.
  4. Then hang your piece of cotton over the side of the cap into the polish,however do not put the cotton directly into the remover or you will end up with it dripping down your hand.The remover should travel up the cotton piece on it's own.Make sure to use a big enough piece of cotton to cover the nail completely.
  5. Then place the saturated cotton onto your nails one by one.
  6. Then wait about 5 minutes.
  7. Then take a whole cotton ball and saturate it with remover and remove the piece on your nail with the whole piece.It may take a couple of swipes,however it works quite well when you soak your nails first
  8. Viola your nails are polish clean.

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