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Monday, January 28, 2013

Nail Design with a Baggie

I came across this cool nail idea on Pinterest & FB using a baggie and crackle polish.

First you take a baggie and apply any color you'd like and let it dry completely.

Then apply your crackle polish over your polish.White is the only color I have,however you can apply any color you'd like.Let it dry completely till it cracks.I also applied the crackle alone (right) however it did not crack without a polish underneath.

 Then cut the colors apart.

Then fold in half and cut your design out.I chose hearts.

Then apply your polish to your nails,and while wet apply your hearts carefully.Apply folded side down or they will keep popping up.You'll need scissors or a pointed edge to hold the edges down onto the polish.

Then apply a top clear coat to hold down.Viola♥Beautiful !
Milani (Purple Gleam)

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