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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Awesome Nail Polish Gifting Ideas

If you love painting and dressing up your nails as much as I do,you'll love these gift ideas for your nails.

Create wonderful nail designs in seconds with Nail art dotting tools that I purchased although I haven't received them yet,I'm excited to try them out and review them.
As you can see there are five,however they are double sided so you can use both ends.Awesome right.If you've ever shopped at amazon the prices seem to change on a daily basis.I purchased mine for $2.98.

Another great nail product is this 15 piece nail art painting pen brushes,great for blending and getting into those tight corners around the nail.
Set of Ten Nail Tape I also ordered these to test them out.
Sally Hansen Salon Effects TWIN PACK for $3.16  or you can search the site to find different styles and prices.Normally these are $8.50 or more for one.
Yup Chrome nail polish for $3.79
10 piece wearable nail art soakers for acrylic removal.These are kinda weird looking,however I bet they work pretty well.$2.93 plus free shipping


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